W. Travis Towe - Drug Defense

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Georgia, such as possession or trafficking, you could be facing severe penalties, including jail or prison time. Georgia has cracked down on drug crimes, and the prosecutors and police investigators aggressively go after those accused of drug charges.

Defending drug crimes requires an experienced advocate and strategic defense from the beginning of the case. If you are facing drug charges in Atlanta or the surrounding area, Attorney W. Travis Towe offers experienced and aggressive representation focused on protecting your rights against drug charges involving simple possession, possession with intent to sell, distribution and drug trafficking.

A lot is at stake: your job, freedom, money and the respect of your family and friends. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to have an experienced Atlanta criminal defense attorney on your side fighting for you. The Georgia criminal system is complex and difficult to navigate, so please do not attempt to face drug charges without the help of an attorney. Call the Towe Law Firm at 1-404-993-9172 today to schedule a free consultation with an experience drug defense attorney ready to fight aggressively for your constitutional rights.