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  1. My case for 3rd DUI was completely Dismissed

    My case had been ongoing since 2012. Mr. Towe was always available for me to speak with over the last 2.5 years. He always gave me sound advice and was always straight forward. Although my case was dismissed entirely I was not expecting it.. It was one of those scenarios that my attorney knew the law and the judicial system and realized how he could win this particular case.. He advocated for me throughout the process and made me feel like I was his only client in the world.. What an amazing attorney! Bless his incredible work ethic.


  2. Traffic Citation

    He helped me with a traffic citation very efficiently. He had reasonable fees and was willing to work with me based on my constraints. He functioned in a very timely manner to get to the desirable outcome.

    Would recommend him for anybody who is looking for a traffic lawyer who is responsive, efficient, and is willing to hear the constraints of the person who needs help.

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  3. Great DUI attorney

    Travis represented me for a DUI that I got where there were some gray areas in the state’s case. He was able to expose the states iffy claim and he got my charge lessened to a simple reckless driving. I was living out of state at the time and had some very aggressive and weird requests of the prosecutor. Travis was able to get all of my requests granted and helped me get through a tough time pretty much unscathed.

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  4. This is a Great Lawyer

    I would like to give a great thanks and gratitude to Mr. Towe for handling my case with a great victory .I was wrongly accused and arrested for DUI by officer Dunn of DeKalb County. Mr. Towe was very informative, professional and caring when going over information with me to help my case . I am very pleased with the service that Mr.Towe provided for me .

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  5. Review for Travis Towe

    I was charged with DUI when I was next to the interstate looking at a map. A cop pulled up and asked me why I was stopped, made me do tests and then arested me for DUI. I was way over the limit, but Mr. Towe won my case at motions because the cop illegally stopped me. I thought I was done because I blew, but Mr. Towe got me off.


I was on trial for DUI, even though I was not drunk at all. We had a jury and half of the trial before trial shut down for the day. Next morning, the prosecutor offered us a reckless driving before trial started again WIHT NO punishment besides probation. Because I did kill a mailbox when I was on my cellphone, we decided this was good offer.


Probably like you, I was charged with a DUI and freaked out about the process, impact on my career, and costs. My case took 15 months to work it’s way through Gwinnett County Courts, and all through the process Travis was very responsive about calling, emailing, and texting (yes, he texts) with advice and updates.

Travis negotiated with the State Solicitor to get my charge reduced to reckless driving and successfully put this nightmare behind me once for all. I’m confident he can do the same for you.


I was charged, arrested and jailed for something I did not do. Circumstances surrounding my arrest gave the prosecutor reason to believe I was guilty and the county was pursuing prosecution. I had plenty of documentation and medical records to support that the charges against me were unfounded. However, as we all know, the legal system isn’t very responsive to the cries of those who are wrongly accused, documentation or not. Travis listened when I explained to him the entire series of events. He is very experienced and knowledgeable and explained the legal process to me in a way I could easily understand. Travis understood the unusual circumstances of my situation and was able to convey to me the strategy that was necessary to properly present my case/evidence and how best to proceed through the legal process. Travis was down to Earth in his manner and very personable. In my case the legal odds were against me because of a legal technicality in GA. Circumstantial evidence was produced as a result of the arresting officer’s suspicion that I was in violation of the law and the law in GA considered me guilty of the charges against me. This technicality essentially required the law to prosecute me without any consideration of anything else. Because Travis listened to me and understood the unique circumstances that led to my arrest, he knew that I was not guilty of the charges and he was able to represent my documentation and explanation in a coordinated and thoughtful effort that I never could have done by myself. I am a reasonably articulate person and when I was originally charged, I felt like nobody could possibly represent and explain my case in a chronological and sufficiently documented way better than myself. I felt I had all the evidence that would be needed to explain why the charged were unfounded but as we have all heard, “A man who represents himself in court has a fool for a lawyer.” Travis Towe knew that the odds were against me from a legal standpoint and he conveyed a realistic picture for me as to how the legal system works, even when it isn’t entirely fair. Despite the legal technicality that supported the charges against me, Travis presented my explanation and documentation that questioned the prosecution’s entire case against me. Upon considering his explanation and reviewing the documentation, the prosecutor dropped all charges and the entire case against me. Throughout this nearly year-long ordeal of attending court appearances Travis was always prompt and informative, spending as much time as was need to explain and to listen. Without Travis’ experienced and thoughtful representation I would not have been successful in my defense. Travis is a friendly and extremely competent professional who fought for me and who saw that justice was truly done. Isn’t that what the Justice System is all supposed to be about,….Justice? Travis sought the truth from me and he fought and stood up for “The Little Guy” when the system wasn’t exactly on the mark for justice. I’ll always be grateful to Travis for being a real person who listened, understood and then went into action. Lots of folks make jokes about lawyers but I wish there were more attorneys like Travis who are equally personable and knowledgeable in the practice of representing people through our legal system. I would recommend Travis Towe to anyone in need of an attorney. I learned a great deal from this experience as Travis is great at describing the legal process from the bigger picture perspective as well as understanding the details of the individual’s situation. Travis Towe is a true professional with a passion for those who need justice. Again, I would recommend him to anyone.


I was charged with DUI while sleeping in my car in a parking lot. I hired Travis because he made me comfortable with my case. We were getting ready for trial, and the prosecutor backed down and dismissed my charge. Travis was confident and always returned calls and emails fast. He is very people-oriented and I recommend him to anyone


A moment to share…..

My name is Kathleen and I was charged with a mistameator offense. I found Travis through the internet. I talked to many and most were short, cocky, very expensive and promised to get my case dismissed without knowing all facts.

I signed Travis on as he was professional, humble and could not offer false hope without case revview, promised to be readily acessable, …Yeah they all say that, gave me his cell and came to meet me closer to me home in Gwinnett.

I knew from the start it would be an uphill battle due to my test results and the police report. Anyway, the outcome of my case was not what I had hoped, he was able to lighten some of the sentence.

He waa true to his word and always assesable. Either answered his phone or called back same day. I dealt with Travis, not a Paralegal. I assume most clients are scared and knowing he was there made the experience a little less frightning.

The kicker. After the arraigment, I said my thanks and goodbye to Travis. But, that evening, he called me at home to make sure I was ok. It was a kind and sincere jesture and greatly appreciated.


I hired Mr. Towe to represent me for my DUI charge. Mr. Towe was very upfront and stated that I would likely lose a jury trial, but I had a good chance at motions because the policeman stopped me illegally. He argued motions in Fulton state court and the judge agreed with him. All charges were dropped.

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