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Driving home after partying at the Tongue and Groove in Buckhead,  and you suddenly notice the flashing blue and red lights in your rearview mirror?  Leaving a Hawks game or a concert in Philip’s Arena after a few drinks, and someone hits your car from behind?  Headed home after hotdogs and beer in Piedmont Park and you get pulled over for running a red light?  These bad events happen to everyone.  But if you have been drinking, even just a little, then you could be charged with DUI.  If this happens, you need an experienced DUI attorney who concentrates almost exclusively on defending DUI cases.

I am an experienced DUI attorney, devoting 100% of my practice to DUI and related charges.  I know the Georgia court system well and practice regularly in both the Atlanta Municipal Court and the Fulton County State Court.  I know many of the judges and prosecutors in both of these courts as well as the police officers and state troopers who are dedicated to the DUI task forces in Atlanta and Fulton County.  Through my relationships and experience, I have been able to maneuver through the Atlanta and Fulton County court system and consistently negotiate favorable decisions for my clients.  View my recent success stories here.  When a trial is necessary, I vigorously and aggressively fight for a favorable jury decision.

If you were charged with DUI, and the officer gave you a 30-day temporary license and notified the Department of Driver Services of your DUI arrest, then you have only TEN BUSINESS DAYS from the date of your arrest to send a letter to request an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) Hearing to try to save your Georgia driver’s license from being suspended.  Otherwise, your Georgia driver’s license will be suspended once your 30-day temporary license expires.   This suspension could be for a full year and could leave you WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF GETTING A LIMITED DRIVING PERMIT.  You can request a free “10 Day Letter” to be emailed to you here:  10 Day Letter Request Page.  Or if you prefer, my firm will send in this “10-day” letter for you for free.  You only need to provide us with the necessary information and pay the $150 fee that the State of Georgia requires for submitting a request for an ALS Hearing.

I offer you a FREE consultation by phone or in person to discuss your DUI case.  If you call my firm, you will speak with me directly.  I will not hand you off to some junior attorney with whom you have never spoken. I will handle all aspects of your very important case personally. You deserve total representation from the experienced attorney with whom you consulted and hired, not from a junior associate.

I wish to highlight the seriousness of this DUI charge and importance of speaking with an attorney.  Regardless of how hopeless you think your case may be, you owe it to yourself to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer.  I am passionate about working hard to get a favorable result in every case I take on.  Call my cell at 404-993-9172 now to set up an appointment at your convenience.  You have nothing to lose by calling and potentially a lot to gain.  I look forward to hearing from you and helping put your mind at some ease during this difficult time of yours.

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