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Our Forest Park, Morrow, Riverdale and Clayton County DUI lawyers at the Towe Law Firm are available 24 / 7 to discuss your case.  Just call us at 404.993.9172, and you will be able to speak with an experienced DUI attorney directly, not a secretary or paralegal. If you are charged with a DUI in the Cities of Forest Park, Jonesboro, Morrow or Riverdale or Clayton County, our experienced  Clayton County DUI lawyers at the Towe Law Firm will fight diligently and aggressively to defend you every step of the way.

We are experienced in handling cases in the Riverdale Municipal Court, Forest Park Municipal Court, Morrow Municipal Court, as well as the State Court of Clayton County. We are experienced DUI attorneys, devoting most all of our practice to DUI and related charges that often accompany DUI charges.  We know the Georgia court system well and practice regularly in all municipal courts in Clayton County and the Clayton County State Court.  We know many of the judges and prosecutors in these courts as well as the police officers and state troopers who are dedicated to the DUI task forces in these municipalities and Clayton County.

Through our relationships and experience, we have been able to maneuver through the  Clayton County court system and consistently negotiate favorable decisions for our clients.  View our recent success stories here.  When a trial is necessary, we vigorously and aggressively fight for a favorable jury decision.

If you were charged with DUI, and the officer gave you a 30-day temporary license and notified the Department of Driver Services of your DUI arrest, then you have only TEN BUSINESS DAYS from the date of your arrest to send a letter to request an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) Hearing to try to save your Georgia driver’s license from being suspended.  Otherwise, your Georgia driver’s license will be suspended once your 30-day temporary license expires.   This suspension could be for a full year and could leave you WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF GETTING A LIMITED DRIVING PERMIT.  You can request a free “10 Day Letter” to be emailed to you here:  10 Day Letter Request Page.  Or if you prefer, our firm will send in this “10-day” letter for you for free.  You only need to provide us with the necessary information and pay the $150 fee that the State of Georgia requires for submitting a request for an ALS Hearing.

We offer you a FREE consultation by phone or in person to discuss your DUI case.  If you call our firm, you will speak with an experienced Clayton County DUI attorney directly.  We will not hand you off to some junior attorney with whom you have never spoken. We will handle all aspects of your very important case personally. You deserve total representation from the experienced attorney with whom you consulted and hired, not from a junior associate.

We wish to highlight the seriousness of this DUI charge and importance of speaking with a Clayton County DUI attorney.  Regardless of how hopeless you think your case may be, you owe it to yourself to discuss your case with an experienced Clayton County attorney.  We are passionate about working hard to get a favorable result in every case we take on.  Call us at 404-993-9172 now to set up an appointment at your convenience.  You have nothing to lose by calling and potentially a lot to gain.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping put your mind at some ease during this difficult time of yours.


From Forest Park Municipal Court’s website:


 Hours of Operation & Contact Information

Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
(404) 608-2363 Phone
(404) 608-2377 Fax

Personnel:      Judge Allyson Pitts
Solicitor Jerry Patrick
Clerk of the Court  Zenikki Young

The Municipal Court of Forest Park has jurisdiction over traffic offenses, local ordinances and most misdemeanor non-traffic offenses.  Most citations can be paid before court with out a court appearance, but some charges require an appearance in court.  You may contact our office at 404-608-2363 to confirm if you have a payable offense.


Pay Online: Please access the following link and follow the instructions to pay traffic citations online. If you are required to appear in court, a message will be displayed indicating that the citation cannot be paid online. www.cityofforestparkpdpmt.com

 You may contact this office at 404-608-2363 to find out the amount of your fine. Fines may be paid by money order, cashier’s check, debit or credit card. No forms of payment are accepted by phone or internet. If you choose not to appear in court, you must pay your citation at least 3business days before the court date.

If you wish to mail your payment, please make your money order or cashier’s check (NO PERSONAL CHECKS) payable to the City of Forest Park and mail it to the following address:


Please make sure the citation number(s) appears on the money order or cashier’s check. This number is in the top right corner of the citation.

Court Date Continuances:
Court dates may be continued by the court personnel only once with the proper paperwork excuse. Your paperwork must be submitted to the court no later than 3 business days before your court date.  Once your excuse is verified and approved you will be given a new court date.  However, any additional continuance must be granted by the Judge.

The Records Division maintains current and historical police accident and incident reports. We disseminate police related reports to individual citizens, insurance companies, police officers, and other governmental jurisdictions. Reports are also made available to the various courts on local, state and federal levels.
All open records requests shall be submitted to the Records Division during business hours- 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, at Forest Park Police Department.

·        A records clerk will determine whether the City has documents that are responsive to the request, and if the documents fall within any of the exceptions to the Open Records Act.
·        Within three (3) business days of receiving the request, the City must notify the requestor whether the requested documents are public documents subject to disclosure, and to permit inspection and copying.
·        All inspection, extraction and copying of public records, instruments and documents shall only be done under the supervision of the lawful custodian of the record or his/her designated assistant.
·        The requestor will be charged $0.10 for each page photocopied and may be charged an additional fee for certified copies or for other copies for which a fee is specifically authorized, or otherwise provided by law.
·        In addition to copying fees, a reasonable hourly charge will be collected for search, retrieval and other direct administrative costs for complying with a request.  The hourly charge will not exceed the salary of the lowest paid full-time employee who, in the discretion of the custodian of the records, has the necessary skill and training to perform the request.  However, there is no charge for the first quarter hour.

RIVERDALE MUNICIPAL COURT from Riverdales MC website:

Jurisdiction and Composition
The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over violations of State law and local ordinances that occur within the city limits of Riverdale.These violations include most traffic related violations and some misdemeanors charges such as:

  • DUI
  • Shoplifting less than $300.00
  • Possession of marijuana, less than 1 oz.

The Municipal Court is comprised of three divisions:

  • Traffic Court
  • Environmental Court
  • Automated Red Light Enforcement Court

Traffic Court adjudicates most infractions that violate state law. Environmental Court is responsible for adjudicating violations of local ordinances. Automated Red Light Enforcement Court is responsible for disposing of appeals brought by individuals that have received citation produced through the automated red-light camera system.

To view calender online click here

The Court also has a Probation Division which monitors defendants who have been ordered to complete special conditions by the Court, as well as those who must pay fines and fees as assessed by the Court.


MORROW MUNICIPAL COURT from Morrow MC’s website:

Municipal Court of Morrow

The Municipal Court of Morrow handles misdemeanor offenses such as traffic violations, possession of marijuana, DUI and shoplifting, among others. The court also handles local ordinance violations.

The Following Cases Require a Court Appearance:

Driving on a suspended/revoked license
No Insurance
Speeding 24 miles over the speed limit
Fleeing/attempting to elude
Hit and run/fleeing
Reckless driving
Possession of marijuana
Aggressive Driving
Suspended Registration
Driving on a Limited Permit

Payment Information
You may contact this office at 770-960-3012 to find out the amount of your fine. Accepted forms of payment include cash, cashier’s checks, money orders, debit/credit cards (3.5% convenience fee will be added for processing). PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED! You may pay via the internet atwww.ticketfastpay.com. No forms of payment are accepted by phone. If you choose not to appear in court, you must pay your citation at least 3 business days before the court date.

Payments issued by credit or debit card must be made by the cardholder, with valid identification.

If you wish to mail your payment, please make your money order or cashier’s check (no personal or company checks) payable to the Morrow Municipal Court and mail it to the following address:

City of Morrow Municipal Court
1500 Morrow Road
Morrow, Georgia 30260

Please make sure the citation number(s) appears on the money order or cashier’s check. This number is in the top right corner of the citation.

Court Date Continuances
Court dates may be continued by court personnel only once. Please note that any additional continuances must be granted by the Judge.

Requesting a Trial
If you want to plead not guilty to a citation, you must come to 1500 Morrow Road and sign a plea waiver at that time you will be given your trial date. This cannot be done via phone. You may also appear on your arraignment date, which is shown on the citation, and a trial will be scheduled at that time.



 there may be instances where other criminal matters go to a different Judge because of co-defendants).

Attorneys for Civil Matters

The Court cannot appoint attorneys to represent persons for civil matters. Atlanta Legal Aide, (404) 524-5811, may be able to help.

Court Appointed Attorneys for Criminal Matters

Defendants may request a court appointed attorney at their first court appearance, usually an Arraignment. The Court must interview the Defendant to determine if the person is qualified under the Georgia Indigent Defense Guidelines to receive a court appointed attorney. Factors for the Court to consider include the employment of the person, any extraordinary expenses the person has, their assets, the likelihood that the person will receive a jail sentence, and other matters.

Scheduling of Civil Matters

Contact the Administrative Assistant/Calendar Clerk for the Judge to whom the case is assigned.

Scheduling of Criminal Matters

Each Judge has authority over his or her own criminal calendars, however the Calendar Clerk in the State Court Clerk’s Office assigned to that Judge creates the criminal calendars. Motions in criminal cases will not be accepted by the Clerk for filing without a Rule Nisi attached. The Rule Nisi must be presented either to the Calendar Clerk or the Judge for a date and signature prior to the motion being filed. Probation revocation hearings are scheduled by the probation officer supervising that defendant’s case.

State Court – Conflict Attorney Application

Effective March 1, 2014 the State Court of Clayton County will maintain an active list of attorneys to represent defendants in conflict cases. A completed application, attached below, should be submitted to the Office of Court Administration By February 28, 2014. Please see application for additional details.

ADMINISTRATIVE LICENSE SUSPENSION HEARING If you have been arrested for DUI and blew over the legal limit for someone of your age and drivers license class, then the law requires that the arresting officer give you a temporary license (8.5 x 11 yellow paper).  This temporary license is known as form DS-1205 and also acts to serve notice to you that your license will be suspended 30 days from arrest unless you send in $150 to the Georgia Department of Drivers Services requesting an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) Hearing.

An ALS Hearing is a civil action taken by the State of Georgia to try to suspend your license before the adjudication (resolution) of your criminal DUI case.  The administrative license suspension case is an important and, frequently, a critical part of your DUI case. The hearing upon the administrative license suspension action can provide valuable information in the defense of your Georgia DUI charge. With the filing of a request for hearing within 10 days from the date of arrest, your driving privileges are extended beyond the 30 days, which your temporary permit is valid for. The administrative license suspension case can play a crucial role in how you proceed in the criminal portion of your DUI case.

If you received a yellow 30-day temporary license and your license was confiscated, then you have only TEN BUSINESS DAYS from the date of your arrest to send a letter to the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety to request an administrative license suspension (ALS) hearing to try to save your license from being suspended. Otherwise, your license will be automatically suspended once your 30-day temporary license expires. This suspension could be for a full year and could leave you WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF GETTING A LIMITED DRIVING PERMIT.

Our firm will send in this 10-day letter for you for free. You only need to provide us with the necessary information and pay the $150 fee that the State of Georgia requires for submitting a request for an ALS hearing. If you prefer to mail in the letter yourself, you can request this  “10 Day Letter” for free. This “10 Day” Letter contains all of the elements needed to preserve your rights to an ALS hearing.

The strategy on how to handle an ALS Hearing is important, as it can dictate how your criminal DUI case proceeds.  Our Forest Park, Morrow, Riverdale and Clayton County DUI attorneys know the strategies and tactics necessary to provide you with solid advice on how to proceed with your ALS Hearing.  We will review your case thoroughly and decide on the strategy that best suits your individual and unique case.  Contact the Towe Law Firm at 404.993.9172 to discuss your DUI case and ALS case with experienced DUI attorneys.

In the overwhelming majority of the ALS Hearing cases that the Towe Law Firm has handled, we have been able to prevent our clients’ licenses from being suspended at the hearing.  Therefore, you will be in great hands if we handle your case.  Call us at 404.993.9172 to for a free consultation on your DUI and ALS cases today.

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